Product Name : Air Dryer 4324159040
Item# : WBACC-ZC06
Model : 4324159040
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Last update : 2011.08.12
Manufacturer : WBACC


       Air Processing Unit combines several individual units. It includes an air dryer with or without a heater, a safety valve and a tire inflation connector. A multiple-circuit protection unit with one or two integrated pressure limited valves and two integrated check valves is flanged onto the air dryer. Some variants also have a double pressure sensor attached to the multiple-circuit protection valve for picking up the supply pressures of the service braking circuits. Compared with individual valves, WBACC's APU offers the benefit of being a compact unit which is not only cheaper and easier to install, but which also requires less space for installation.

  • Compact, multi-functional device
  • Components:
    • Air dryer with regeneration from separate regeneration tank or optional with backflow limiting valve
    • Standard 4-circuit protection valve with APU flange and bleed back function
    • 4-circuit protection valve with APU flange and with additional features (e.g. pressure limiter, pressure sensor)
  • Utilizes WBACC Premium Desiccant
  • Easy installation in limited space
  • Modular design allows for exchange of selected components
  • Trucks
  • Buses
Market Availability: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America
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