Product Name : Air Dryer 3543010-K0700
Item# : WBACC-ZC09
Model : 3543010-K0700
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Now Price : CNY0/rmb
Last update : 2012.05.16
Manufacturer : WBACC


  To protect commercial vehicle air and braking systems from aerosol contaminants created by today's advanced engine oils, WBACC's Air System Protector air dryer cartridge incorporates an innovative coalescing filter. Designed to increase the service 
life of air and braking systems and reduce commercial vehicle downtime and service costs. The integrated coalescing filter traps and collects fine oil droplets (aerosols) present in the vehicle's air system and blends them into a more compact liquid, which optimizes their separation from the circulating air. The air dryer cartridge incorporates a premium desiccant. Significantly reduces air and braking system failure potential, keeping vehicles in service longer. Added advantage: Air System Protector can be easily retrofit to replace most existing standard cartridges.

  • Integrated coalescing filter technology optimizes separation of even small oil droplets (aerosols)
  • Uses proven WBACC technology
  • WBACC Premium Desiccant
  • Replaces most standard air dryer cartridges
  • Reliably protects compressed air system devices from oil contaminants
  • Increases service life of air and brake system components
  • Reduces service costs and vehicle downtime
  • Easy to retrofit – drop-in replacement for standard air dryer cartridge
  • Trucks: heavy, medium
  • Buses
Market Availability: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America
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