Product Name : VOLVO4324251010/20466522
Item# : WBACC-EC01
Model : 4324251010
Was Price: CNY0/RMB
Now Price : CNY0/RMB
Last update : 2012.07.05
Manufacturer : WBACC

VOLVO air dryer 20884103/20700794/20466522/20700979



  • Pressure control and regeneration function via two solenoid valves, controlled by the vehicle ECU
  • System pressure adjusted individually via the vehicle ECU, e.g. single device for cut-off pressure 8.5 bar and 12.5 bar
  • Regeneration takes place from the system reservoir volume: no separate regeneration reservoir is required
  • Intelligent regeneration control:
    • Intermediate regenerations takes place during long delivery cycles
    • Regeneration determined by delivered air volume
  • Intelligent compressor control
  • Intelligent drying
  • Monitoring of dryer working cycles and flow rate
  • Cartridge change requirement detected and displayed on a control panel
  • Low service cost
  • Trucks: heavy, medium
  • Buses
Market Availability: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America
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