air dryer filter

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air dryer filter
Electronically Controlled Air Dryer
  • Pressure control and regeneration function via two solenoid valves, controlled by the vehicle ECU
  • System pressure adjusted individually via the vehicle ECU, e.g. single device for cut-off pressure 8.5 bar and 12.5 bar
  • Regeneration takes place from the system reservoir volume: no separate regeneration reservoir is required
  • Intelligent regeneration control:
    • Intermediate regenerations takes place during long delivery cycles
    • Regeneration determined by delivered air volume
  • Intelligent compressor control
  • Intelligent drying
  • Monitoring of dryer working cycles and flow rate
  • Cartridge change requirement detected and displayed on a control panel
  • Low service cost
  • Trucks: heavy, medium
  • Buses
Market Availability: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America
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air dryer filter

WBACC: Air Dryer Cartridge-Air Dryer Filter-Air Dryer Cartridges-Air Dryer Filters


RAKENO CO.,LTD.(WBACC) is an auto parts company who is specialized in making  Automobile

compressed air treatment system and Automotive filter. Our main products contains

Automobile air dryer, all kinds of automotive filters. According to the customers requirements

and the market demands, we are working hard to develop more new items and more series of

the products.  

We not only pursuing for superior quality products, Optimization of production capacity and

cost control, we also pay attention to the use of consumer experience, and continuously

improve to meet the rapid development of the needs of the market.

Based on scientific and technological innovation, survive with high quality,we believe  RAKENO

company,by the test of market, will create an auto compressed air treatment system

benchmarking enterprises.


air dryer filter

air dryer filter

Air Dryer 4324320230
Air dryer HALDEX20393894 / 78795 / 78990
Air Dryer Cartridge 432 410 2442
932 890 0010 Replacement for 107794X and 107796
VOLVO20972915 Air Dryer Cartridge
BENZ Air Dryer  ZB4578
Air Dryer  LA8130


air dryer filter

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